Dry Ridge & Verge System in Birmingham

The OLD System

For many years now the traditional way to bed down Ridge Tiles and the Verges on your property, has been Mortar (Sand-Cement-water) based.

The downfall of this method over a long period is the weather will always weaken the exposed parts of the Mortar.

This is why they have to be re pointed every so many years.

The NEW System

We now have UPVC  Dry Ridge & Verge System in Birmingham. The benefits far out way Mortar based fixings.

Mechanically fixed to Roof (Massively reducing the chance of a slipped Ridge Tile).

Your Verges are Totally Protected with the UPVC Covers

Maintain a clean look for many more years than traditional mortar.

For ALL your Birmingham Roofing needs.

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The Dry Ridge System

The Dry Ridge System is adaptable to ANY Roof.

The Dry Ridge System

It is Mechanically fixed and therefore much stronger in the ability to deal with the weather.

The Dry Verge System

UPVC Dry Verge Capping totally protects the Verges on your Roof. Again, these are Mechanically fixed.

The Dry Ridge in Slate

The Dry Ridge System for Slate Roofs provides a very clean look and once again, totally protects against the weather.

The Dry Verge System

A clean look and total protection.

Mortar with Fixings

If you wish form your Roof to maintain the Traditional look, we now can with mechanical fixings, whilst re-bedding with mortar.

We also install Velux roof windows