Birmingham Roofcare Health and safety

We take Safety SERIOUSLEY!

In our opinion, there is no such thing as an accident. The truth is...someone was not paying attention.

This normally happens when people are on site that are not trained to the dangers of being on a building site of any nature.

Or, they are not totally focused on what they are doing.

Training, Training and more Training!

We have found then when people are trained fully in Health and Safety, and then that training is repeated on a regular basis, accidents happen far less.

Below are just some H & S accreditation's that we hold...

We are CSCS Qualified


The Construction Skills Certification Scheme card is only given to people who can pass their test. Just like ANY test, it can only be passed if you know the answers about site safety. WE KNOW THE ANSWERS!

Working at Height


Working at Height has many pit falls. The IHASCO training course takes us through ALL of those pit falls. Fore warned is fore armed. We know how to work safely at height.

Asbestos Awareness


When working on older properties, there is no knowing when you might come up against hazardous materials that were acceptable to use 30 to 50 years ago. Asbestos is one of the nastier products. We know what to look for and what to do when we find it!

Health & Safety Essentials


The essentials about Health & Safety are the basics, but if you don't know them, you don't know them.




COSHH stands for 'Control of Substances Hazardous to Health'. Again, if people do not know what to look for and what to do when they find them, serious problems can and will occur. We are fully trained.

First Aid Appointed Person


This is only basic training, but so is the Heimlich maneuver, and how many lives has that saved?  BIRMINGHAM ROOFCARE HEALTH AND SAFETY.

We care about your health as well as ours, which is why we are CSCS Qualified in Birmingham.

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