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Do I need Loft Insulation?

The regulations surrounding Loft Insulation change about once every 10 years & has done since the 1970's.

Currently the  regulation thickness in the UK  is a minimum of 250mm.

So, if you already have Loft Insulation that is 100mm, you only need to add another 150mm.

Which cuts your costs in half.

We advise our clients...

If you are having a New Roof installed anyway, then it makes sense to bring your Loft Insulation up to regulation thickness.

It is a common fact now that...

Loft Insulation saves on your energy costs. The warmer the property is, the less energy is required to keep it warm.

Therefore, keeping your Loft Insulation at regulation thickness makes Great Financial Sense. It is a one-off cost, and because Energy costs will continue to rise, your saving becomes exponential.

So you save more money as each year passes!

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Measure the floor plan of your house (no need to crawl around the loft with a measuring tape).

Tell us what thickness you already have and we will send you a surprisingly competitive quote!

If you prefer call us and we will measure it all for you and give you a quote, ON THE SPOT!

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