Minor or Major Roof Repairs in Birmingham

Broken Ridge Tiles

The Ridge Tiles on your property, protect your roof at the very highest point, therefore, if one is missing or broken or has missing mortar, your property is at high risk of water damage.

Broken Roof Tiles

Just like the Ridge Tiles, if you have a broken, slipped or missing Tile, your property is a great risk.

Once water gets into your Roof, the joists (which hold your Roof up) weaken. We cover ALL  Minor or Major Roof Repairs in Birmingham.

Broken Guttering

The Guttering system was successfully designed to take water away from your Roof and also keep water away from your walls. If left, a broken or missing piece of Guttering can cause havoc.

Fascia & Soffit

If you have wooden Fascia and Soffit board, like ALL wood that is open to the elements, it needs treating. If left untreated it will hold onto to the damp and rot your joist ends, which keep your Roof on. Check our UPVC Fascia page for options.

Chimney Repairs

Our advice on Chimneys is, if you no longer use it, have it reduced.

Otherwise you have to maintain it.

The Chimney is the highest point of most Roofs. It take a bashing from ALL the elements. re point or reduce is our best advice.

Dry Ridge & Verge systems!

The dry Ridge & Verge System is rapidly becoming a UK favourite.

It is no longer more expensive than mortar based Ridge and Verge systems.

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