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Do you need a New Roof?

The answer to this question is very telling, in terms of the quality of your roofs protection to your property.

If your Roof is more than 20, but less than 40 years old, you probably have roofing felt underneath your Tiles. It is more than likely that the felt you have is the old Bitumen based Roofing Felt.

This type of Felt rots away after so many years of minor leaks. If the Roof is older than 40 years old then there is a chance there is NO Roofing Felt at all.

This means that if just one Tile should fall or break, you will now have a Guaranteed some point.

So, if your Tiles are less than 20 years old, they may be able to be used again. If they are older, then the chances that are you need a New Roof.

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Dry Ridge and Verge System

Additional to the traditional mortar that fixes Ridge Tiles to a Roof, there is now Dry Ridge and Verge Systems, which mean...No Ongoing Maintenance!

They are mechanically fixed to your Roof and do not fall off because the mortar has degrade over time.

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