Roofcare Roofing Services in Birmingham

Interlocking Concrete Tiles

Birmingham Roofcare Pan Tiles

The standard Interlocking Cement Tile is still a UK favourite.

It comes in various colours, is easy to install and gives a smart look to any Roof, whilst being Cost Effective.

Small Clay Tiles

Birmingham Roofcare Small Tiles

Small Clay Tiles are fantastic and classy looking. There are many variations and Colours to choose from.

If a Quality countryside look is what you wish for, this is the Tile for you.

Natural Slate Tiles

Birmingham Roofcare Slate Tiles

Natural Slate is still the best Tile to use in coastal and windy locations. 

It maintains a clean look for many years, and is has the unique status of being millions of years in age and truly is a Birmingham Roofcare favourite.

Slate Effect (Fibre Cement) Tiles

Birmingham Roofcare Fibre Cement Tiles

Slate Effect Fibre Cement Tiles are increasingly being used instead of Slate.

It brings a clean and shiny look to ANY Roof, for a much lower cost than Traditional Slate.

Concrete Plain Tiles

Birmingham Roofcare Concrete Small Tiles

Concrete Plain Tiles are the most Cost-Effective small Tile on the market.

They come in a range of colours and are fast becoming a UK favourite.

Pick YOUR Colour

Birmingham Roofcare Colour Tiles

Just because every house in YOUR road has a certain colour of Tile, does not mean that you have to!

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